Abstract/Contemporary Judge - Richard Paul Hare

1st place - Phil prendeville

2nd place - Guadalupe taboada 'artistic style'

3rd place - Jordan hamilton

WildLife Judge - Tom Duncan

1st place - Geoff soper 'Lady in waiting'

2nd place - Ryan wilkes 'KEA'

3rd Place - Ashleigh walker 'tanzanian chameleon'

People Judge - Logan West

1st place - Dice sales - 'Alms please'

2nd place - Amir zera pakrool 'Have a story just listen to me'

3rd place - zach hitchcock 'Gordon'

Landscape Judge - Ida Larrson

1st place - Irene middleton ' End of the earch'

2nd place - petra leary 'Magenta'

3rd place - Doug mcbride 'sunset lake mckenzie'

Abstract / Contemp.1st Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize
Landscape1st Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize
People1st Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize
Wildlife1st Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize
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