Contemporary / Abstract Judge - Tom Ang

Rick Spencer - Glasgow Station 1St Prize

Judges comments:

I like this best for its multiple layers, the apparently mechanical repeats revealing complicated realities and tensions. Beautifully and carefully organised, tonally spot on with its muted delivery.

Petra Leary 2nd prize

Judges comments:

This image is both obvious in content yet elegantly refreshing in execution. Careful asymmetries and avoidance of over-processing also point to excellent technical control.

Lou Kibby - Water Droplet 3rd Prize

Judges comments:

Where almost nothing amounts to a whole lot: this water droplet was probably extremely difficult to capture. I love the economy, the restraint in execution, the softly defined differences.

Landscape Judge - Talman Madsen

Stephen Milner - Tongariro Sunrise 1st Prize

Judges comments:

An excellent composition that gives power to Mount Ngauruhoe while giving it a strong sense of place as it towers over the surrounding terrain with Lake Taupo in the distance. The early morning hues accentuate the layers of the image and add to the scene. All around a great capture that I’m sure has an adventurous story from behind the scenes to go with it.

Greg Stevens - Under The Milkyway 2nd Prize

Judges comments:

One of the hardest things to master in astrophotography is the Milky Way Pano, the stars in this one are tack sharp, there is minimal noise, the arc is a pleasing shape, and the exposure of the sky has been balanced perfectly against the foreground despite the light from the building. A well taken image to be proud of.

Georgia Hendrie - Lake Benmore 3rd Prize

Judges comments:

This image makes me feel like I’m standing beside the photographer enjoying the scene. A simple, yet effective composition with beautiful light and minimal processing taken at the right time. A great moment to capture and remember.

People Judge - Ilan wittenberg

Rick Hemi - Emerald Eyes 1St Prize

Judges comments:

Strong portrait with piercing green eyes which are standing out. The face tells a story and shows a character. The portrait is crisp sharp and the background is beautifully out of focus without distracting clutter.

Aimee Glucina - Tears 2nd Prize

Judges comments:

The monochrome portrait suits the mood with beautiful reflections in the eyes of the little child. The background is fading gradually from light to dark with soft vignetting which adds to the atmosphere.

Sharad Dohare - Smile Please - 3rd Prize

Judges comments:

The young boy seems grumpy with his eyes looking up. His hat defines his head with beautiful, simple grainy wall as a background. Lots of detail on the skin and nice highlights on the boy’s face.

WildLife Judge - Jason Hosking

Dice Sales - Dance With The Fireflies

Judges comments:

The soft light draped over the landscape, combined with the streaks and pulses of gold made by the fireflies makes this a beautiful, ethereal image.

Andy Trowbridge - White Tailed Eagle - 2nd Prize

Judges comments:

With fully unfurled wings, droplets of water falling and the fish grasped in its talons, this is an incredible moment frozen in time.

Mark Watson - 3rd Prize

Judges comments:

A calm glassy ocean makes a wonderful back drop to see this dolphin displaying acrobatic back flips.

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