WildLife Judge - Sharon Richards


Judges comments:

I chose this as winning image for its well balanced and artistic compomition. The attention to detail and depth of field have been well executed, demonstrating the strong creative skills of the photographer. amgratulations on a well made image

2nd Price - ALLAN COX

Judges comments:

This is a pleasing composition with great colours where the elements complement each other well. The use of a slow shutter speed to create the soft flowing water effect, while keeping the starfish detail sharp demonstrates the level of photographic skill required to make this eye-catching image.

3rd price - JOSHUA WOOD

Judges comments:

I found this watery-eyed pose of a baby seal both cute and engaging. The shot has good control of exposure, capturing the tender moment and innocence of the pup as looks inquisitively at the camera, one that will surely pull on a few heart strings.

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