WildLife Judge - Trevor Penfold

Paul Conroy

Judges comments:

“When I’m looking at an image I want to be inspired and that’s exactly what this image does.

Creating that initial impact for the viewer is not easy, but the photographer in this case has done it superbly.

The composition is flawless in my opinion, especially in this action shot when you only have a split

second to get to capture it, and there are no second chances. The fleeing prey frames the kingfish beautifully

and the use of the photographers strobes is spot on making the lighting effect on this image perfect.

Well done! A truly first class image.”

Glenda Rees

Judges comments:

“Behavioural shots are always the most difficult to get and usually the most rewarding.

The detail and composition in this image have been well executed and the depth of field chosen ensures both and all of the subjects are sharp.

Catching this type of behaviour shows patience and knowledge on the part of the photographer,

this is not a shot you can just stroll up to and take (unless you’re very lucky), it takes patience and timing is crucial.

This is an image I would like in my own portfolio, congratulations on a well thought out image.”

Richard Sidey

Judges comments:

“Although this image may have a few technical flaws (a bit of over exposure for instance) sometimes an image can still have that wow factor.

Although I’ve seen images of this nature before it’s the birds fleeing the scene that really make the story here.

You can imagine how petrified they must have been when that gaping mouth suddenly broke the surface.

Few there is a bit of luck in this shot as far as the fleeing birds go but we all need a bit of luck sometimes.

The photographer captured a unique moment well done.”

Landscape Judge - Benz Catbagan

Rob Dickinson

Judges comments:

“Immediate impact with this image. Sublime colours well processed without stepping outside the believable.

Technically well executed with great depth of focus and I love how the ice mirrors the clouds.

The composition steps outside of the normal rules and it works well.”

Greg Stevens

Judges comments:

“I know how hard it is to pull of a shot like this on a technical level and the processing has been completed with a delicate touch.

The composition is excellent and the control of exposure and shadows raises this above the other astro images in the competition.”

David Hardy

Judges comments:

“I’ve always loved this image for its depth, detail and colour, the composition is perfect with a very simple curve and makes the most of the light.”

Street Judge - Richard Wong

Rick Lin

Judges comments:

“Light and shadow, action and timing. Rick captured this photo at the perfect timing when the old lady was walking in between the two shadow.

The shadow of the two old buildings looks like they are giving two thumbs up to the old man and adds a bit more background to the photo.

Simple but everything in the photo just works and makes my eyes keep looking at this photo.”

Lei Zhou

Judges comments:

“Interesting contrast between the lady standing in front dressed in white and the three young ladies in the poster dressed in black.

It’s almost like the lady in white and the leftmost poster lady in the background are checking out each other

which adds some comedy element to the photo.”

Alex Zozulya

Judges comments:

“Patterns! The pattern on the umbrella and the pavement bricks created this visually interesting photo.

While I prefer a slightly zoom out image so the girl’s shadow isn’t cropped and adds a bit more negative space,

the timing and overall composition are both excellent.”

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