Landscape Judge - Warren and Katrina Williams - NZIPP Photographers

Alex Zozulya - Dam - 1st Place

Judges comments:

“We were absolutely mesmerised by this beauty. The water, light, texture and lines – all stunning. This would look amazing in print.”

Rich Bayley - Sunrise beachscape - 2nd Place

Judges comments:

“We love the simplicity of this one, well executed with a long exposure. The weathered, warm pier pillars are perfectly contrasted against the cool sky.”

Glenda Rees - Fortrose White Baiters - 3rd Place

Judges comments:

“A great composition – leading us through the intricate sky detail until we see the silhouetted whitebaiters. A kiwi classic.”

Street Judge - Larissa Drysdale - NZIPP Photographer

Enning Tang - Call it a day - 1st Place

Judges comments:

“Love this shot. It has everything I want to see in a Street Image. A moment caught, a story to tell or for the viewer to imagine. Great composition, well exposed with good tone to complement the image. I like the fact that we get a hint of the outside world that they are in, the reflection and the busy street to the left of them with the car lights – all people going about their own lives, all of it making me feel more for the subjects.”

“I find myself wanting to help them pack up, but also wanting to have seen them 10 minutes earlier so that I could hear their sound. This moment is a street photography moment which is caught at the right time from someone with a great eye for storytelling & it is an emotive image, something that street photography done right should bring to the person viewing. I want to put some money into their bowl without even having heard them. Thank you for taking me there.”

Jared Balle - Lightbox - 2nd Place

Judges comments:

“A great moment caught with beautiful exposure and composition. My eye is drawn right where it should go and then wants to look around and understand the moment – exactly what street photography should do. The girl with her bag has a story & I find myself thinking about it. Is she waiting for someone, or is she going somewhere? Is she saying her goodbyes in a text & hesitating about her departure, or is someone running late that should be there? An awesome story creating image caught with real eye pleasing lines (with only minor distortion up the top of the image). A well caught & executed moment. Well Done!”

Joshua Windsor - Durbar Square - 3rd Place

Judges comments:

“A lovely shot & moment caught. The subject is beautifully sharp & my eye goes straight to him. I find myself wanting to understand him & why he has a mask on, Is it in fear of something or because he is cold? I want to help find his other glove for him. All of this means that the image has drawn me in & that is what I expect in street photography. I enjoy looking at the pigeons through his eyes, something which is an obvious regular occurrence there due the the lack of anyone else’s attention in the image being on the birds, yet the boy is captivated & I love that. Great composition in gorgeous light.”

Wildlife Judge - Paul Conroy - NZIPP Photographer

Mana Nightingale - Frog - 1st Place

Judges comments:

“A superbly imaginative composition in this image has won me over along with a great use of depth of field and beautiful vibrant colours.  The eye of the frog is pin sharp and has me mesmerised.  The lighting for what I imagine to be a macro shot has been handled very well and the photographer has left me with questions around what and why are those random objects scattered over the frogs head?  All in all a thoroughly enjoyable image which I keep going back to time and time again.”

Roger Smith - Rainbow bee eater with dragon fly - 2nd Place

Judges comments:

“Either extreme patience or a bit of luck has landed this photographer a wonderful image.  This image is focussed in all the right places and the soft pastel background provides sufficient separation to make the Bee Eater really stand out.  The colour and sharpness of this image have been exceptionally well handled and crop is spot on.  This image would be well placed in any ornithology publication.”

Tom Crisp - Clownfish - 3rd Place

Judges comments:

“This image really jumped out at me when I first scanned through all the entries.  The photographer must be commended for capturing such a well lit and focused image in an extremely challenging location.  This picture really shows off not only the clown fish, but the environment in which it lives in superb detail and the shoal of fish at the top of the picture give the image a great sense of depth.  This would have placed higher had the sun not been in direct competition with the Clown fish for my wandering eye.”

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